Higher Plane in Highgate

Join Tom at Hal atThe Beaufortin Highgate on Saturday as they pour the acclaimedHigher Plane 'Sun Dips Low' Fiano 2022,'Led Astray' Fume Blanc 2022and'Time for Heroes' Malbec 2023at one of Perth's most dynamic locations.

This state-of-the-art, multi-level, inner city hospitality venue is the perfect place to sample the quirky Higher Plane wines from our vineyard in Karridale. The team at the Urban Wine Walk take great care in chosing the very best spots around town and we're always keen to partner with them to bring you our choicest releases.

On this occasion 4 of the 7 participating venues have two wineries represented inside, enabling you to spend longer chatting with us and less time walking between each site

Doors open at midday as usual. Don't be late!

Tickets availablehere