Club FAQs

Frequently asked questions


  • What is it? Our wine club rewards our loyal, devoted customers with exclusive club benefits, bespoke service and flexible, convenient deliveries to your home. It is named after our long serving and renowned winemaker Mark Messenger who has been making Juniper and Higher Plane wines since 1998. 
  • Why should I join? There are many benefits, including free shipping within Australia on dozens and 25% off current vintage wines.
  • How does it work? It’s free to join the club and receive all the benefits immediately. In return for these great benefits, you take a minimum of 3 deliveries within the first year. If you cancel before the initial 3 deliveries, a cancellation fee of $50 applies. That's all the fine print. To retain your benefits thereafter, it is 1 delivery a year. i.e. You can then skip 2 of the 3 shipments.
  • When will I receive my wines? Deliveries are scheduled for Autumn, Winter & Spring. This helps with our own logistics and planning. At least 3 weeks prior to your next delivery, we will email to remind you. You can send an order early, or delay a shipment if you need, as well as order extra anytime throughout the year. 
  • Which wines will I get? We have several wine packs available to choose from, and you can switch between them as you please or you are welcome to mix your own custom box. 
  • What happens after I join? We will email you 3 weeks before the next shipment advising which wines are in the next cases and when we expect to dispatch. You can then login to change your wines and update your details.
  • Who do you use to ship wines? We use Australia Post to ship our wines nationally. (Staff sometimes deliver local orders by hand.) Get Freighted internationally.
  • I have selected a pre-packed option; how will I know which wines I am scheduled to receive? A few weeks before dispatch is due, an email detailing the wines will be sent to you.
  • My cellar is full at the moment, can I skip this delivery? Depends on your initial purchases, please call our Wine Club Manager to discuss your options.
  • How do I skip a delivery? Please login and update your wine club, as per instructions below. Once you click view to edit, you can 'request a skip' by completing the form. If you have completed your initial 3 shipments, it will be skipped. 
  • I got your email, but I deleted it, what happens if I don't respond or login? If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you are happy for us to ship your default wine selection.
  • What if I want to delay my order? Please write in your delivery instructions when updating your club address. i.e. 'Please ship after 08/08/21' or email the Wine Club Manager.
  • If I place an online order now via the cart, will my next shipment still be shipped?  YES! As our system is automated, your club shipment will still be shipped, so if you wish to order now, and skip the coming shipment, that's fine, BUT please just let us know.


> Click on ‘login’ on the top right-hand side of the website, enter your email address (that is associated with your membership) and your password & click login. You may need to reset your password if you have forgotten it. 

> Once logged in, go to ‘My Portal’ at the top right-hand side of the website, it will show you a menu down the left hand side.

> Click on the 'Wine Club' menu, then click 'View' to see your details. If the status says 'active', wines are due to be shipped. If the status says 'skipped' it will be skipped. If you wish to un-skip you can do so by clicking 'change skips'.

> At the bottom, click the 'Edit Club Details' button, here you can change your shipping address, credit card and wine selection. 

> Make any required changes to all three areas by scrolling up and down 

> Once all sections (address, payment and order) are up to date, click SAVE at the bottom of screen

Have another question?

Please contact our Wine Club Manager, 08 9755 9000 or